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Every year the Cultural Association of Bengal (known as CAB) does a Bengali Conference which is also known as “Banga Sammelan” in North America. Spectators, get ready for this year’s special Dhamaka of Banga Sammelan because this year is the Golden Jubilee of CAB and 40th year of Banga Sammelan of North America. Generally, Banga Sammelan comprises of Musical Performances, Literary seminars, Business Seminars, Dance, Drama, Reunion etc. Literary seminar of this year will be prevailed by the talented writers of North America. Lovers of literature will experience a different level of accomplishment of local poets and writers of North America from both Bengals. After experiencing the very high level of entertainment every year spectators return home with colorful and dreaming memory of Banga Sammelan. Some of them express their happiness by saying “every year it is getting better and more thoughtful, thanks to the Organizers. It is really a lifetime experience. Thanks to the Organizers who are producing a Sammelan like this year after year”.  Nobody can ignore the deliberate and colorful approach of Banga Sammelan where exultation of satisfaction reaches the highest peak for the spectators. This year is the Golden Jubilee of the Cultural Association of Bengal of North America. The Organizers have chosen to convert the sin city, Las Vegas to a “Joy city of Banga Sammelan”, Las Vegas. Milan Awon, the convener of Banga Sammelan 2020, with his team has made numerous trips to Las Vegas to discuss the essentials of Banga Sammelan with the Westgate Resorts and the Convention Center. Huge number of volunteers are putting thousands of hours to produce this unparalleled Mega Event. This year’s philosophy of Banga Sammelan is “Hate Hat Dhore Choli” meaning “we go with hand to hand”. Stars and Super Stars like Mika Singh, Jeet Ganguli, Hariharan, Tanmoy Bose, Shama Rahaman and many more are in the horizon of Banga Sammelan to make History for the Golden Jubilee of CAB. Opening Ceremony of this 2020 Banga Sammelan will be of the unique thought of appearance of “Mother Ganga from the Jota of Lord Shiva” and how mother Ganges became “Padma and Jamuna” and eventually became the part and parcel of Indian Culture and Civilization. Organizers have also decided to honor the past holders of the light of CAB and who have really worked hard to keep this light alive for last half a Century. Bye the by it is worthy to mention that some of the performances may take place in the legendary and famous stage where Legendary Music King Elvis Presley used to perform. This should definitely be a “no miss” for the spectators. This Banga Sammelan is bringing “Apar Bangla” and “Opar Bangla” together and creating an example that all Bengalis are one and together, does not matter where they come from West Bengal or Bangladesh, Bengal’s heritage is simply a single culture which the Bengalis are enjoying for years after years. Participation of both Bangla is very meaningful and brings a unique flavor to this 2020 Banga Sammelan.We, the people of Bengal, love food whether we have it home or in a restaurant setting. Food is our passion and we love to enjoy every particle of it if the food is prepared well. In this Banga Sammelan food will make a history of its own. In the last meeting with the Organizer, Westgate management expressed that their Master Chef is very adroit in preparing Bengali Ethnic Food. They mentioned food will be exotic and super delicious, every attendee will enjoy the taste of it to the fullest extent of delicacy. They have already decided the menu and it has “Sorshe Ilish Vape”. This will definitely add extra attraction to the Sammelan.This Banga Sammelan will add more spice because this Banga Sammelan will observe birth centenary of three very important and prominent personalities, namely, “Surer Dikpal” Hemanta Mukhopadhyay, Bangladesh Liberator Bango Bondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman and renowned Sitar Maestro Ravishankar. Birthday celebration will also be held for the Comedian of Bengali Film Bhanu Bandopadhyay. Besides, there will be speeches given by Dr. Kali Pradip Chaudhuri, Dr. Manilal Bhaumik, and Dr. Paritosh Mohan Chakrabarti and may more who have earned enormous fame and glory in their own professional and academic field. This year’s film festival will definitely add an aroma of specialty in 2020 Banga Sammelan. Golf Tournament, a new addition to Banga Sammelan is also seen in the horizon of Banga Sammelan 2020. Let us see who wins this first tournament of CAB Golf.In view of the Golden Jubilee, CAB is going to introduce a new dimension to Bengali life in USA. Shri Prabir Roy of CAB is seriously considering to create a Bengali Heritage platform called “Bengali Hall of Fame, USA”. This creation will let the Bengalis take a historic and unprecedented step for preserving the Bengali heritage in USA. Million thanks to CAB and its leaders for thinking to take this bold step. In view of all these situations, it is observed this year that there is a huge enthusiasm among the supporters of Banga Sammelan and registrations are pouring in, all the hotel rooms in Westgate Resort are going to be filled soon and in event it happens then some of the spectators will have to stay in different hotels which may not be preferable to the spectators. So, please do not wait, register early and become the part of History of CAB which is celebrating its Golden Jubilee, this year.

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