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100years of Heritage of  collaboration of LRC – CRC in World Heritage week

An unique  Celebration of Heritage of Friendship between Calcutta Rowing Club ( CRC) and London Rowing Club(LRC) inagurated in Kolkata on 20th November 2023 to celebrate 100 years of friendship and collaboration between the two top Rowing Clubs with rich heritage and contribution in development of “Rowing” as sport in International sporting arena over one and half century .

World Heritage Week is being observed from 19th – 25th November.

CRC’s first paid visit to participate in rowing competition in Rangoon (Yangoon)in Myanmer was in the year 1923 and immediately after winning it, the club got affiliation from the London Rowing Club.

In 1923, Calcutta Rowing  Club was shifted to the present location in Dhakuria.

In 1901, CRC got the affiliation from the Amateur Rowing Association.

2nd International Friendship Regatta is being organised by Calcutta Rowing Club to mark mark 100years of friendship between LRC-CRC from 21st to 25th November 2023  where Rowers and Rowing Clubs from four different geographical regions of the planet Earth are participating namely London Rowing Club, Southampton Rowing Club, Molesey Rowing Club from UK  ( Europe ), Auckland Rowing Club of New Zealand ( Oceania ) , Victoria Lake Rowing Club of South Africa ( Africa ), and Calcutta Rowing Club  ( Asia ).

The theme “Power of Friendship” of 2nd International Friendship Regatta infused great spirit of solidarity and goodwill in the air.

During  Friendship Regatta period, Trainers from London Rowing Club will also conduct training program for young  Rowers at CRC. There will be interactions between foreign Rowers and Indian Rowers to share informations on  skill development on Rowing.

London Rowing Club was established in 1856 and Calcutta Rowing Club was in1958 .
Calcutta Rowing Club played important role in development of Rowing as formal sporting activity and produced world class Rowers from India.
CRC has reciprocal clubbing arrangement with 110 Rowing clubs  in India and abroad.

1st International Friendship Regatta was organised by CRC during its 150 years celebration in Kolkata.

Mr. Richard Twining born in 1944 in Mumbai who is based in London , one of the oldest member of Calcutta Rowing Club who joined CRC when he was around 10years old attended the Inaguration Ceremony. His father who served Indian Navy  was also member of CRC. Mr Richard Twining has experience of Rowing in many countries  and an internationally acclaimed rower.

Mr. Jack Macdonald of Auckland Rowing Club of New Zealand mentioned it is life time opportunity to participate in the International Friendship Regatta.

The grand Celebration of 100years of Friendship between LRC-CRC is product of interactions between President of LRC and Chandon Roy Choudhary who is  Hony. Secretary of CRC for last 22 years  and who has played important role in development of Rowing as sport in India.

On behalf of INTACH ( Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage ) ,a Memento was presented by Shri G M Kapur Head of INTACH West Bengal Chapter to London Rowing Club to mark 100 years Celebration of Friendship.

Rowing as informal sport or leisure activity came in to existence from prehistoric time from dawn of human civilization and played important role of catalyst in human civilizational development across the planet.  Rowing as sport not only promote good health of the rower but also promote the spirit of camaradrie as well as tenacity and enriches human development individually and collectively as well as a society.

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