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Ballet always fascinated me.I started listening to the great compositions, especially those by Tchaikovsky since childhood. I could hum and whistle several bits from “The Nutcracker” since I was a small boy. Much later, I got familiar with the compositions of other composers as well. Later,a year after I had covered my first  U.S.Presidential Elections in 1988 coast to coast,I went to erstwhile Soviet Russia in 1989 to cover the first and last Open Elections in the USSR under President Mikhail Gorbachev whom I was fortunate to meet and interview too. That is when I was fortunate to see the “Swan Lake” performed by the Bolshoi Ballet. This was followed by a visit to Kiev. The experience of sitting in the best seats to see the ballets I had always dreamed of viewing was memorable. True; one can see Ballets in London and other European capitals. But watching the Bolshoi is a different experience altogether. And,to think that this happened when history was ready to be made and Europe was no longer the same.

(Writer Utpal Chatterjee is a senior journalist & former Kolkata Sheriff .image courtesy to Hollywood Soapbox )

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