BANGLADESH Minority Leader’s House Attacked

The  house of Advocate   Rabindra Ghosh, President  of Bangladesh Minority Watch, was again attacked on the night of May 23 by about 3,000 miscreants and valuable assets looted. The repeated attacks on Human Rights Defender and his house is part of a conspiracy to stop his humanitarian activities for the minorities in Bangladesh, he said in a statement .Previously the houses of Adv. Ghosh were demolished/looted on April 24 this year around 1.30 a.m. The local Councillor -Hajee Md. Nure Alam of Dhaka City Corporation most illegally instituted false
criminal case No. 41(3)2018 against Advocate Rabindra Ghosh for alleged
extortion of money Taka 50,000.00 from Hajee Nure Alam. Police accepted the case rendering Ghosh in a great distress, he alleged in the statement Advocate .Ghosh   apprised Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal, Minister for Home Affairs, at his official residence in  Dhaka. He said in presence of some MPs “Why you are constructing a house within a river or Khal ?
Why did you not meet with Food Minister Adv.Kamrul Islam for an
amicable solution? He also continued to say “Why you are damaging the
integrity of the country?

Why are you putting the country in a peril?
He also continued to say “Lastly, he said ” If you prove the lands you purchased is a personal property rather than Govt property, no person in your
area at Kamrangirchar will harm you any more ” All those utterances on
the part of Home Minister: astonished and made me feel unsafe for rest of my life in my own home land and security”. The Minister did not instruct
police officers to nab the perpetrators responsible for the
repeated demolition of my house and looting of valuables”, Advocate Ghosh said.
Failing to receive any assurance to help him out, Advocate Ghosh has
urged conscious citizens of the country to come forward
for the safety and security the minority communities
living in Bangladesh.

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