BANGLADESH Plans To Repatriate Rohingya Refugees To Their Homeland Myanmar

BANGLADESH has   decided to repatriate the several lakh Rohingya refugees who last year fled a violent military crackdown in Buddhist majority nation Myanmar. “As of now the decision is that the repatriation will start on November 15,” Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commissioner Abul Kalam told Efe news.The two governments agreed to repatriate 2,251 of over 700,000 Rohingya refugees living in Bangladesh camps, in the first of a phased process. Kalam added that the initial phase of repatriation that begins Thursday could be completed in two weeks with around 150 Rohingyas going back to Myanmar each day. Kalam, however, added that local authorities were yet to get the consent of Rohingyas who would be repatriated in the initial phase. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has warned that conditions are not safe for the repatriation of Rohingya to Myanmar from Bangladesh, even as the two countries were preparing for the return process. – IANSNOVEMBER 12, 2018 11:58:13 AM. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) warned the government of Myanmar Monday against the repatriation of Rohingya Muslims to the Rakhine State in northern Myanmar. The UNHCR urged the government to allow the Rohingya refugees to “go and see the conditions in Myanmar for themselves” before they decide whether it is safe enough to return. The UNHCR stressed that “Myanmar authorities should allow these refugees to undertake such go-and-see visits without prejudice to their right to return at a later date, if indeed the refugees decide after the visits that the current conditions in Rakhine State would not allow them to return in safety and dignity.”The UNHCR stated that it “does not believe current conditions in Rakhine State are conducive to the voluntary, safe, dignified, and sustainable return of refugees,” but that it is committed to supporting Myanmar’s effort to create those conditions.XXXhe Rohingya people are a stateless Indo-Aryan-speaking people who reside in Rakhine State, Myanmar. There were an estimated 1 million Rohingya living in Myanmar before the 2016–17 crisis. By December 2017, an estimated 625,000 refugees from Rakhine, Myanmar, had crossed the border into Bangladesh since August 2017. More than

 40,000  Rohingyas , mostly Muslims ,are illegally  staying in India causing concern to the security officers in Saudi Arabia    500,000 (of them have taken shelter.In Indonesia, there are  1,000 till October 2017),and  in Malayasia  150,000 (October 2017) have taken shelter.

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