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BLINKEN Grilled Over Alleged Chaotic US Pull Out From AFG

AS  Republicans demanded US Secretary of State Antony Blinken‘s resignation on  Monday, September 14  alleging chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, Democrats stoutly defended the Biden administration. Blinken‘s appearance before the House Foreign Affairs Committee was the first opportunity for the lawmakers to question top officials in the wake of the lightning Taliban victory and chaotic U.S. pull-out in Afghanistan, reported the Washington Times. Blinken said the US will continue to help Americans and Afghans leave Afghanistan if they choose, just as they have done in other countries like Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, and Somalia. He said there was no evidence staying longer in Afghanistan would have made any difference. If the US had not followed the previous dispensation’s commitment, attacks on US forces and allies would have resumed and the Taliban’s assault on Afghanistan would have commenced, he said. Infuriated   Republicans accused the Biden administration of sheer incompetence in handing over  Afghanistan to the ultra-fundamentalists Taliban and its allies. The militant group is back in control of the landlocked economically backward nation home to  38 million people split in several ethnic groups rolling over the U.S.-trained Afghan army. “Mr. Secretary, the American people don’t like to lose — especially not to terrorists,” said Rep. Michael T. McCaul of Texas, the ranking Republican on the panel. “But that is exactly what happened. This emboldened Taliban — an UN-designated terrorist group — is now equipped with more American weapons than most countries in the world.” Blinken faced heated accusations from House Republicans on the withdrawal and ongoing efforts to evacuate Americans. Blinken said  Pakistan is  Involved In “Harbouring’’ Taliban. Pakistan has a “multiplicity of interests some that are in conflict with ours,” Blinken said. He insisted the Biden administration had prepared for worst-case scenarios in Afghanistan, as irate lawmakers charged the White House of ‘’presiding over a historic disaster’’. However, Blinken remained cool as he faced the toughest grilling of his career at the first congressional hearing on President Joe Biden’s end to the 20-year war ensuring the return of the Taliban regime. With  Republicans raising their voices, waving pictures of American soldiers killed by Taliban and occasionally demanding he resign, Blinken reminded calm and reminded them that former POTUS Donald Trump had set the withdrawal timeline from Afghanistan leaving no option for the Biden Administration. Edited by PKC

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