NIRAV Modi Denied Bail for the 4th Time

CHANCES of extradition of fugitive fraudster Nirav Modi to India for trial   have brightened after Royal Courts of Justice in London on Wednesday refused his plea s for bail. It was his fourth futile attempt to secure bail in the ongoing extradition case filed by India in UK judiciary. He was denied bail as the Judge is in his opinion says there is compelling evidence that he has tried to interfere with witness statements. Judge Ingrid Simpler said in his order there is evidence to see that manipulation and attempt to destroy evidence has been made. The 48 years old diamond merchant “has the means to access funds. It is difficult for me to see why the UK should be a safe haven for him to escape extradition”, the judge said. There are still places in the world where one can move to avoid extradition. Nirav Modi is wanted in India for nearly USD 2 billion Punjab National Bank (PNB) fraud and money laundering case.  Modi’s legal team submitted arguments to persuade the judge to overturn the Westminster Magistrates’ Court ruling to deny bail during three previous attempts; for fear that the accused would fail to surrender. Modi has already been denied bail at three previous attempts at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London, as the judge ruled there was “substantial risk” that he would fail to surrender and deemed the bail security offered as insufficient. He was arrested by uniformed Scotland Yard officers on an extradition warrant from a Metro Bank branch in central London on March 19 and has been in prison since. Meanwhile, India’s investigative agencies have submitted volumes of arguments opposing his bail plea to the judiciary as Prime Minister Narendra Modi said all fugitive swindlers will be brought back to India and put on trial.

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