CONSERVATIVE Party led by Boris Johnson returns to power in UK with emphatic majority: will get Brexit done by 31 January, “no ifs, no buts, and no maybes”, says Boris

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi has complimented Boris Johnson on his return as PM after Tory majority is confirmed in the 650-Member House of Commons in the parliamentary poll. PM Modi also assures him to work closely with his government in various bilateral and multilateral spheres.  Boris Johnson  led Conservative party has secured a majority in the House of Commons by seizing seats from the Labour party in its traditional heartlands in the north and midlands. With counting complete in most districts, Johnson’s Conservatives passed the threshold of 326 seats to give them a majority. Revised forecast predicted the Tories would win 362 of the 650 seats in the House of Commons — 74 more than other parties combined. The pound rose by the most in more than 2 1/2 years. Johnson,55, remains prime minister and should now be able to get his Brexit deal through parliament. After a disastrous night, Jeremy Corbyn has said he will not lead the Labour party into the next election. Meanwhile the Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson and the DUP Westminster leader Nigel Dodds have lost their seats, reports The Guardian. Getting Brexit done is now ‘irrefutable’ decision of British people, Johnson says. Boris Johnson tells the audience of Tory activists they did it. He pays tribute to colleagues who lost their seats. But he says this is the biggest majority for the party since the 1980s.They will not be able to get Brexit done. It is now the “irrefutable, inarguable” decision of the British people. All the Indian-origin MPs from the previous Parliament were successful in clinching their seats, with Gagan Mohindra and Claire Coutinho for the Conservative Party and Navendru Mishra for Labour among the first-timers, says PTI. Valerie Vaz, the sister of scandal-hit former MP Keith Vaz who had stepped down ahead of the election, held on to her Walsall South seat with 20,872 votes, beating Indian-origin Tory candidate Gurjit Bains.The far-right Brexit Party, which had fielded a number of Indian-origin candidates, failed to make a dent in the election. The only trouble spot for the Conservatives was Scotland where support for the pro-independence Scottish National Party surged and set up a renewed constitututional standoff over the U.K.’s future. Arguably its biggest scalp was Swinson who has lost in her district near Glasgow, writes livemint. Former industrial areas of northern England and Wales abandoned Labour for the first time in generations, mining and steel towns that suffered from mass unemployment under the Conservatives in the 1980s now embracing the party. Scotland which opposed Brexit staged a rebellion as the SNP retook seats it lost two years ago. Officials played down the revised exit polls showing it had won 52 of 59 districts, but as results came in the swing in support backed up the prediction. Leader Nicola Sturgeon reiterated her demand for another Scottish independence referendum which has been rejected by Johnson. The Labour party led by Corbyn has suffered heavy losses. He had staked everything on a radical plan to hike taxes for the rich and nationalize industries but his candidates said he was rejected by voters. After most of the leaders of the Labour Party are clamouring for his resignation, he has announced to step down after holding his seat in London.(edited by PK Chakravarty)

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