COVID-19 pandemic should be converted into positive business outcomes ensuring gender equality, say women achievers

NAYANTARA Pal Choudhury, Chairperson, Socio-Economic Initiative, Bengal Chamber of Commerce  &  Industry, has opined women entrepreneurship and employability as a whole are the areas that need focus. She was participating in the online discussion on International Perspectives on Social and Behavioural Approach of Business organized by The BCC & I on May 19.  .There is a need  to create a synergy between business and society taking a lesson from a difficult time at the outbreak of the pandemic. Joining the webinar from Bangladesh, Dr. Munal Mahbub, Senior VP, Chittagong Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said “Supporting women entrepreneurs by accelerating long term trends like digitization, remote work, health tech and edu tech will be a major goal during the ongoing pandemic”. Spandana Palaypu, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, ZoEasy Solutions, stated, “COVID 19 has brought out innovation in every aspect of life, with technology shattering the barriers and creating a spirit of solidarity among us all. Combining this with modern hiring practices and a culture of constant learning, we can solve big human issues, create economic empowerment and reduce inequalities, especially in the blue/grey collar communities”. “The emergency situation of the current times, not only in India but Globally, should transition into positive business outcomes and making responsiveness to the changing social needs, vital to business culture. Equally, it is necessary to bring about an emotional connection of the common citizen with the government, the primary change agent”, said Indrani  Malkani, Managing Trustee, V Citizens’ Action Network (VCAN) and Ashoka Fellow who joined in from Mumbai.

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