COVID-19 Pandemic will NOT last long like an unpredictable earthquake

-UTPAL Chatterjee

করোনা ভাইরাস ॥ নিউইয়র্কে ৩৭ পুলিশের মৃত্যু

“LIFE IS UNPREDICTABLE”! When I was gradually approaching adolescence, there was a kindly, understanding teacher ( who had lost an arm in the last Great   War).He would often say that life was unpredictable. I respected him as I respected all my teachers.So,as one who had just moved up to Fourth Standard, I would nod politely. But the implication of that statement that he repeated so often left me thinking.True,he had survived a World War in 1945 but lost an entire arm.Now,however, observing the developments the world over, that statement rings so true.True,Covid-19 has turned life upside down the world over. The virus has consumed well over 200,000 lives the world over. We are,indeed, into another undeclared World War against an invisible enemy.Precisely, when this living nightmare will draw to a close, the Almighty alone knows. Meanwhile, we have become ultra-cautious even as suspense and concern grow in all areas. But, whenever my room has shaken a bit for a few seconds, thoughts of an impending earthquake haunt meat a seminar at North Bengal University in Siliguri recently, an expert had declared during an illustrative talk that earthquakes cannot be predicted like the weather even if there are earthquake prone zones.  But, if there is one thing an earthquake or a pandemic reminds us of, it is how fragile this life is.And how connected we are as a world family. The tectonic plates don’t care about the boundaries we draw over Mother Earth. To think that in just a split second, this reality we have built up around us can be destroyed, is a humbling thought. If today were the last day of our lives, would each one of us be truly content with who we ARE within? If not, it is time to start working towards becoming the persons we want to be. Not so much in terms of professions and designations, but as people – as living, breathing manifestations of soul energy.So,let us toss out ego hassles, be graceful, learn to possess a pleasant disposition, be kind and loving and do whatever good we can for others. For life,indeed,is as unpredictable as Covid-19 or an earthquake and may end in just a blink ! (photo courtesy  to Dainik Janakantha,Dhaka)

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