ECONOMIC activities can’t remain suspended indefinitely, PM Modi says putting the onus for lifting lockdown after May 3 on states : Health Minister Harsh Vardhan claims the situation is improving

Following  several states expressed their intention to continue the lockdown beyond May 3, the centre has put the onus on them to take final decision in this regard. The states conveyed their views to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday,April 27 while partaking in  a video conference with chief ministers to discuss the situation arising due to the coronavirus pandemic in the country  which is under  lockdown since March 25 to contain the spread of the virus.PM Modi  said that the lockdown has yielded positive results as the country has managed to save thousands of lives in the past one and a half months. This was the fourth such interaction of the Prime Minister with the Chief Ministers. Modi said, India’s population is comparable to that of the combined population of several countries. The situation in many countries, including India, was almost similar at the start of March. However, due to timely measures, India has been able to protect many people.PM  Modi, however, forewarned that the danger of the virus is far from over and constant vigilance is of paramount importance. The Prime Minister said that the country has seen two lockdowns till now, both different in certain aspects and now there is a need to think of the way ahead. He said that as per experts, the impact of Coronavirus will remain visible in the coming months.  As per experts, the impact of coronavirus will remain visible in the coming months. Reiterating the mantra of ‘do gaz doori’  meaning maintaining social distance, he said that masks and face covers will become part of our lives in the days ahead. He added that under the circumstances, everyone’s aim must be rapid response. He pointed out that many people are self-declaring whether they have cough and cold or symptoms, and that this is a welcome sign. Prime Minister said that we have to give importance to the economy as well as continue the fight against COVID -19. He emphasized the importance of usage of technology as much as possible and also to utilize time to embrace reform measures.  He emphasized on the significance of ensuring that more people download the Aarogya Setu app to bolster the efforts of the country in the battle against COVID-19. He said “we have to be brave and bring in reforms that touch the lives of common citizens.” He also suggested that people associated with Universities can be integrated on devising ways to fight the pandemic and strengthen research as well as innovation. He highlighted the importance for states to enforce guidelines strictly in the hotspots i.e. the red zone areas. He stated that the efforts of the states should be directed towards converting the red zones into orange and thereafter to green zones. On the issue of getting back Indians who are overseas, he said that this has to be done keeping in mind the fact that they don’t get inconvenienced and their families are not under any risk. Prime Minister also urged Chief Ministers to factor in the changes in weather – advent of summer and monsoon – and the illnesses that can potentially come in this season, while strategizing ahead. Union Home Minister reaffirmed the need to enforce lockdown so that maximum lives are saved. Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayanaswamy said most CMs participating in the meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi told him that the lockdown should continue and a cautious approach be followed while finalising relaxations to economic activity since COVID19 cases are rising. “Most CMs were unanimous that a cautious approach is needed on the lockdown issue since COVID-affected persons are increasing. He said he personally told the government that the lockdown call would be that of the Centre. “I also told the PM that activities should be started under stipulated conditions,” said the Congress leader.

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