CONGRESS urges President Ram Nath Kovind to direct the government to follow Raj Dharma 

A delegation of senior Congress leaders led by Congress President Sonia Gandhi met President of India Ram Nath Kovind on Thursday, 27 February 2020 and expressed concern over the loss of lives and property in communal violence in North-east Delhi. In a memorandum, they requested the President to direct the government to abide by the constitution for safeguarding life, property and liberty of every citizen irrespective of caste and religion. Both central and Delhi governments remained mute spectators as mindless violence continued, they said and demanded Home Minister Amit Shah’s resignation saying he has failed to discharge his constitutional duties. After the meet,  Sonia Gandhi said- As you all know we held a Congress Working Committee yesterday, where we discussed several issues with the reference to the grave situation which we have witnessed in the last few days in East Delhi. We decided that we should call upon the President and handover our demands. He very kindly agreed to meet us today and I shall read out the few questions of our memorandum and I shall start – You must undoubtedly be aware of the unprecedented violence, arson, looting, stone pelting and brutal murders taking place in the national capital over the last four days. Delhi, specifically parts of North East Delhi, has been gripped by a wave of violence that has only grown in intensity with each passing day. Instead of taking active steps to remove, to remedy or diffuse the situation, the Central Government as also the newly elected Delhi Government, have remained mute spectators as completely mindless rage, designed violence and organised looting of property has continued unabated. Due to the complete inaction on the part of the Home Minister and the Central Government, the violence has claimed the lives of at least 34 people and over 200 have been injured at last count. Several crores worth of properties and business have fallen prey to unchecked arson and looting. Rashtrapati Ji, you are given the highest possible responsibility under the Constitution of India: to act as the conscience keeper of this Government and to remind it of its Constitutional duty and the pillars of Raj Dharma, by which any just government must abide. We call upon you and the Constitutional Office you hold, that the life, liberty and property of the citizens is preserved, secured and protected. We also reiterate that you should immediately call for the removal of the Home Minister given the gross ineptitude, abdication of duty and his inability to contain the situation. We owe this to the citizens who have lost their loved ones, their homes, their livelihood and most of all their long-cherished amity and brotherhood. We hope you will take decisive action in the matter. Dr. Manmohan Singh said- We called upon his Excellency the President of India to suggest to him that what is  happening in the last four days in the national capital of India, is a matter of deep concern and it is also a matter of national shame, that 34 person at least have died over 200 people have been injured which is reflection on the total failure of the Central Government to control the situation and we requested the President to use his power to call upon the Central Government to protect and preserve its ‘Raj Dharma’ so that the citizens of this country and this national capital are assured of peace tranquillity and justice.

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