DELHI HC: 4 New Judges Appointed

FOUR judges have been appointed to the Delhi High Court increasing the strength of the court to 38 as against the approved strength of 60.According to separate Law Ministry notifications, advocates Jyoti Singh, Prateek Jalan, Anup Jairam Bhambhari and Sanjeev Narula have been appointed as judges of the Delhi High Court .The Delhi High Court has an approved strength of 60, but was facing a shortage of 26 judges before these four appointments were made. As of Monday, there are 34 judges in the Delhi HC. Once the new judges take oath, the working strength will go up to 38.The Collegium had also recommended advocate Manoj Ohri for appointment as Delhi HC Judge. However, he does not figure in Monday’s list. Like India’s Supreme  Court, Delhi HC is also short of  judges as cases are  increasing .Among the terms and conditions of appointment of high court judges are (a) He must be a citizen of India, she or he must have held a judicial office in India for 10 years, or must have practiced as an advocate of a High Court for 10 years. Judge of a High Court holds office the age of 62 years. Originally, the Constitution had fixed the age requirement of a High Court Judge at 60. But the Fifteenth Constitutional Amendment Act, 1963 raised it from 60 to 62 years. It is said retirement age hiked as competent persons were reluctant to serve as judges because of early retirement. There are a total of  24 high courts  India .Some  these have also benches in the same state for instance Allahabad HC’s  Lucknow permanent circuit  Bench at  Uttar Pradesh’s  Capital.  Allahabad High Court has the maximum sanctioned of 160 judges, the highest among the High Courts. Incidentally, the monthly salary of the Chief Justice of a High Court is INR  2,50, 000 and that of a  judge is INR 2,25,000.(image courtesy :




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