DON’T TAKE CORONAVIRUS & ITS IMPACT LIGHTLY: ex-Kolkata Sheriff Utpal Chatterjee

Coronavirus impact: Kolkata Metro doubles staff to sanitise coaches, stations

Indeed, when the virus first struck Wuhan with deadly consequences, the rest of the world was speculating. When it escalated beyond China and, gradually, spread to the South East Asian belt with so many fatalities, there was even more speculation. When, even cruises in various parts of the world were not spared and Europe was struck a deadly blow, everyone sat up and took real NOTICE. It spread to the U.S.and the United Kingdom. Italy is in a state of shutdown as are so many parts of Spain. Just like the spread of coronavirus itself, there is no dearth of an assortment of forwards on the social media by self-styled experts. And, believe it or not, some have even turned this into a joke. Do cheap thrills keep fears and apprehensions away? Some pontificate as if the real scientific experts, ought to take a lesson or two from them. Wake up, all of you! Listen to the real scientists and help yourself, your family and society. With 160 countries, including even India, affected, this is a global emergency. If we have to help, let us reach out to others and help as advised. (Utpal Chatterjee, senior journalist and former President of  DALHOUSE Athletic Club, the first club on Kolkata’s Maidan)

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