ENVIRONMENT Protection Should Be People’s Movement: Dr Harsh Vardhan

INDIA’s Minister for Environment and Earth Sciences       INDIA’s Minister for Environment and Earth Sciences Dr Harsh Vardhan has exhorted People to Transform Green Good Deeds Movement into Peoples’ Movement.  Launching a Mobile App, Dr Harsh Vardhan, an ENT surgeon turned politician from East Delhi, said in an effort to transform environment protection into a peoples’ movement, the digital mobile application was launched.  The App, named “Dr Harsh Vardhan”, focuses on his social & public activities and involvement of citizens in “Green Good Deeds” movement urging people to perform at least one Green Good Deed every day.  Some of the 500 Green Good Deeds listed in the Mobile App include – planting trees, saving energy, conserving water, use of public transport and promoting carpool.  The objective of transforming Green Good Deeds into a peoples’ movement can be best achieved by starting mass digital campaigns that can reach out to youth and children.  The digital connect can change the way people think and change the way they act, thereby changing the relationship between public representatives and citizens. A two-way digital communication tool – ‘Connect with Me’ is a unique feature of the Application.  This provides six different ways of direct connection – Social Corner, Send Video/Photo, Join My Initiative, Cast Your Vote, Submit an Idea and Chat Room. It also affords citizens an opportunity to directly submit their feedback and suggestions on a variety of issues. The mobile application cans also ‘Live stream’ important national and international events. The App was finalised after Beta trials lasting 60 days.  About 600 people submitted their suggestions, feedback and comments on the mobile application, says PIB in a statement.

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