FM Sitharaman Slamms Rahul Gandhi For Alleging that Govt Is Stealing Money From RBI To Tackle Economic Crisis

FINANCE Minister Nirmala Sitharaman  has slammed Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for alleging allegation of “stealing RBI’s reserves” saying she does not care about such charges and the opposition leader should have spoken to the finance ministers from his party before making such insinuations. Speaking to reporters  after  interactions with  traders ‘association at Pune on Tuesday, she said questioning the credibility of the committee  chaired  by former RBI Governor  Bimal Jalan which has recommended the  transfer of  the excess capital to government, is a ‘worrying’ sign.RBI has decided to transfer Rs1.76 trillion of surpluses to the fund-starved government on the Bimal Jalan panel’s recommendation, Rahul Gandhi had  lashed out at the government over the record cash transfer from India’s  central bank  alleging the prime minister and the finance minister are “clueless” about solving the “self-created economic disaster” and accused them of “stealing money” from the RBI. “The Congress should have consulted its finance minister and seniors before making these allegations against the RBI. Since they have become excellent in making such allegations of stealing and I do not want to comment on what they say. Cash starved government. The excess capital transfer was one of the major issues which had led to the resignations of former governor Urjit Patel in December and his deputy Viral Acharya. They had opposed the proposal at the cost of the central bank’s balance sheet (pic courtesy to Blomberg)

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