IAF Gives Proof Of Successfully Hitting Targets In Pak

AS  Opposition  including Congress  and  TMC  leaders  are questioning  the  credibility of   destroying  JeM’s   largest  training camp ,The Indian Air Force has given the government radar and satellite images showing bombing of the “intended targets” at the JeM terrorist training camp in Pakistan’s Balakot and “causing significant damage” to it. IAF’s radar, satellite images of Balakot strikes show ‘significant damage’ to JeM camp, say defence sources. The IAF images show ‘significant damages’ to the Jaish e Mohammed (JeM) Madrasa in Balakot. The foreign news agency had released ‘before’ and ‘after’ images of the buildings and quoted experts who, basis the images, pointed out that there were no damages to the structures, thus raising doubts over the IAF strikes, says Times Now citing sources. The IAF has also handed over satellite imagery of the site and other supporting documents to the government. While many, including the opposition parties, have raised doubts over the Balakot strikes, the claims made by government representatives including ministers and BJP party leaders regarding the terrorist casualties have triggered a further political debate over the operation. Two days ago, addressing a press conference in Coimbatore, Air chief Marshal BS Dhanoa said that the strikes were successful and that the IAF hit the target. Asked about the number of causalities, Dhanoa told media persons it was not IFS’s assignment to count casualties. It is assigned to hit target, he added.According to news agency PTI, the government was, on Sunday, given the evidence of the February 26 attack on the JeM training facilities in Balakot. The proof submitted to the government by IAF also establishes that the S-2000 laser-guided munition hit the targets causing ‘significant internal damage’ to the structure. Media  reports  citing  official sources  source-based information about the “evidence” comes in the backdrop of a report by a foreign news agency claiming that satellite images of the Jaish-e-Mohammad Madrasa in Balakot showed the facility is still intact and buildings are standing. The government was given on Sunday all the “evidence” of the February 26 strike on the JeM camp, including radar and satellite imagery which showed that the S-2000 laser-guided munition hit the intended targets causing significant “internal damage”.S-2000 smart bombs penetrates the targets and causes a blast inside, as per sources. They also said that the IAF has collected from independent sources satellite imagery of the site of the JeM camp after the strike to assess the impact of the operation, and these images have also been handed over to the government. The news report, which drew a comparison between an April 2018 images of the camp with that of an image taken on March 4, 2019, to show it is practically unchanged.

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