INDIA Expresses Disappointment Over Tweaking HI-B Visa Rules

AFTER Trump administration announced to tighten the H1-B Visa norms despite India repeatedly conveying concerns to United States,   Union Minister for Commerce and Industry Suresh Prabhu has said he will discuss the issue with Washington .The decision taken by the United States has unnerved countless Indian technicians and other skilled people dreaming of proving their mettle in the North American nation of opportunities. The Trump administration is planning to end allowing spouses of H1-B visa holders  work legally in the US, a top federal agency official has told lawmakers. Tens of thousands of Indians will be affected. The move may impact more than 70,000 H-4 visas holders who are in possession of work permits.

The Trump administration’s decision has sounded an alarm bell in India. Indian professionals are among the major beneficiaries of such visa. Terming the Washington’s resolve to tighten the rules related to the non-immigrant visa, Prabhu says it is very disappointing. New Delhi has already taken up the issue with the Trump Administration, he added. There are however unconfirmed allegations about misuse of such visa. “We are very disappointed by some of the actions taken by the US administration,” Prabhu told reporters in Delhi while answering their query on India’s position on the vital issue agitating the Indian professionals since the Donald J Trump moved into the White House. Several technological firms headquartered India will be among those which will be adversely impacted if the curb on the H-1B visa is tightened. The non-immigrant visa is given to help US companies hire foreign workers for speciality occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise. These are dependent on thousands of employees each year from countries like India and China. Prabhu said under the visas issued to the technology service providers, there is evidence that Indians have contributed significantly to the growth of the US economy. Indian companies’ investment into the US has created new jobs in America, he said, adding that if spouses of the Indian IT professionals are competent and qualified, they will only add value to the economy there and not snatch jobs of local people. Trump during election campaign for presidency promised to create jobs for the Americans. Tightening the visa norms is part of his official agenda. Meanwhile, Prabhu chaired a meet to frame a national policy on ecommerce. The Department of Commerce said in a statement, “The think tank on the Framework for National Policy on ecommerce will seek to collectively deliberate on the challenges confronting India in the arena of digital economy with a view to developing recommendations for a comprehensive and overarching national policy on ecommerce.”


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