IRRFAN KHAN belongs to world cinema: Utpal Chatterjee

Irrfan Khan on battling cancer and his Bollywood return ...

The sad paradox we have to contend with is that we are all born to die. The impact of what you do, how you have played your proverbial “innings” is what really matters. No sooner had he entered the world of cinema, Irrfan Khan made his presence known with consummate ease. He did not possess the traditional looks of a Bollywood star. Good for him that he did not really belong to Bollywood but to the world stage itself. Naturally, it did not take him long to be recognized and applauded by world cinema. Yes, he did us all proud with his performances. The world of film buffs would remember his “A mighty Heart “with Angelina Jolie ( on the late Daniel Pearl of the Wall Street Journal who was killed in Pakistan), “Slumdog Millionaire” and “Life of Pi”. As one who lived for barely 53 years, he put so much life into his films and deserved all the accolades that came his way. There was so much more that he could have done and performed with the talent he possessed. But our destinies are, perhaps, scripted even before we arrive on Earth.  (Utpal Chatterjee is a Kolkata based noted journalist. Photo courtesy to Gulf News)

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