KNOW Goa Program Announced

The 12th Know Goa Program is scheduled to be held from 04th to 18th January, 2020. “Know Goa Programme (KGP)” is being organized by Government of Goa, Department of NRI Affairs and have been formulated for the benefit of Goan Diaspora Youth who are born abroad and are foreign nationals but whose parents or ancestors are of Goan origin.  Know Goa Programme is intended for young professionals in the age group of 21 to 30 years who have distinguished themselves in various fields and who have shown an abiding interest in Goa and India. During their visit, the participants will get an opportunity to visit premier educational, cultural, historical and other places of interest, besides interacting with local Goans, elected representatives at all levels, as well as Government dignitaries like the Governor of Goa,the  Chief Minister of Goa, etc. The participants during their visit to New Delhi will get an opportunity to see World Heritage Monuments like the Red Fort, Taj Mahal, etc.  The Government of Goa will bear 90% of the total cost of the lowest economy air fare from the home country of the participant to India and back besides entire cost of local travel, accommodation and meals.  Goan Diaspora youth from the jurisdiction of Consulate General of India in New York (i.e., States of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont) may send the scan copy of their filled application to on or before November 15, 2019. Goa, it may be recalled Goa on the Arabian Sea, is bordered by Maharashtra and Karnataka. It is India’s smallest state in terms of area. It is like a mini India with a population of 1,458,545 individuals, 66 per cent of them being Hindus, 26.5% Christians and 8.3% Muslims. Other minorities comprising Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains total about 0.1 percent.

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