Legal luminary Bhim Singh condemns OIC’s accusation of harassment of Indian Muslims as frivolous

Professor Bhim Singh ,senior Supreme Court lawyer , has slammed the organization of Islamic Countries for questioning India’s secular fabric and ill-treatment of minorities. In a statement, Prof Bhim Singh, former lawmaker from undivided  Jammu & Kashmir, says

it  is unfortunate that the Organization of Islam Countries (OIC) has charged India for alleged ‘Islamophobia’ ignoring the historical, social & secular background of India for centuries. OIC leadership has been very close to India and they understand India’s secular character with a strong written Constitution which provides Fundamental Rights to all its citizens irrespective of their caste, creed or religion. The OIC leadership understand that it was India who stood by OIC and even enjoyed a place in the OIC as a special invitee. The Islamic leadership has been very close with India and India stood with the OIC whenever the Islamic countries were confronting the western world, particularly in regard of Palestine. The OIC leadership should amend its statement it made without understanding India’s historical, social & political relations with the Islamic world, Bhim Singh said in a  statement in Delhi. He forwarded the statement to the 56 Members of OIC with request to withdraw its allegation against India which it made a day before the start of Ramadan. This allegation against India has no basis because India, perhaps is the only Nation in the world where all its citizens enjoy equal Fundamental Rights. He reminded the OIC leadership to understand India’s great secular character which was headed by elected Muslim Presidents in India. Dr. Zakir Hussian was elected as President of India in 1967-1969, Mr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed (1974-1977) & Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (2002-2007). No Member of OIC has been headed by any non-Muslim President/Chief of the country. This is not surprising but India’s greatness with its cultural, secular and democratic Constitution has to be understood by all particularly friendly countries in OIC”.the  NPP Supremo, Prof. Bhim Singh said and urged the OIC to understand that Parliament of India which elects its Members have Members of Parliament from all religions. Even today with BJP Govt. Muslims are given representation in the government. Prof. Bhim Singh reminded the leadership of OIC that he (Bhim Singh) had visited almost all Muslim countries in the world who are members of the OIC and during his travelled on Motorcycle with peace mission he had best of the hospitality in the Muslim countries. He urged the OIC membership to withdraw the above said allegation against India and workout a scientific plan for cooperation with India instead of using borrowed phrases from foreign dictionary. India and the Arab world have worked together for peace, progress and cooperation to promote world peace and disarmament.

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