LS Poll: Congress Manifesto Declares War on Poverty & Unemployment As Also Review AFSPA & Sedition Law

AICC President, Rahul Gandhi, ex-prime minister Manmohan Singh, former ministers  A K Anthony an d P Chidambaram  and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday released the party’s 55—page manifesto for Lok Sabha polls committing to wipe out poverty and unemployment problem. It also promises to review Sedition law and AFSP Act. Dr Singh says the manifesto spells out Congress vision of a rapidly expanding economy and what we plan to do to address poverty, ignorance and disease, we should target eradicating poverty by 2030.Manmohan Singh says 10 years of UPA rule were marked by impressive growth and 140 crore people were brought out of poverty. In the  manifesto for  the  2019 Lok Sabha  poll  titled “Hum Nibhayenge” meaning “ will keep our promise”,  the party  declared that  there would be a separate  budget on the previous  railway budget  will be initiated  for the  agriculture sector. The incumbent NDA government has made railway budget part of the Union Budget for overall development taking into consideration of availability of funds. For failure of payment of loan taken by farmers, they will be prosecuted for civil offence instead of criminal offence as of now. No interest will be charged for three years if anybody wishes to launch a new venture. .Congress will provide 6 per cent of the buget to education. Rahul   Gandhi also declares Nyay Scheme giving a poll slogan “Gareebi pe vaar, bahattar hazaar”.Congress if is elected will fill up 22 lakh vacant government jobs by March 2020. “We will absorb 10 lakh youth in Jind at gram Sabha level”.Nyay scheme will jump start an economy jammed by demonetisation and GST by putting money in the hands of 20 per cent poorest of Indian families. “Narrative has been set by Nyay Scheme and by farm crisis and lack of jobs,” he says. The Manifesto also commits to secure 33 per cent reservation for women in legislatures including Parliament. Referring to “shedding of crocodile tears” for the poor, PM Narendra Modi said at an election rally in Odisha: As soon as elections approach, Congress starts chanting poor, poor. What they couldn’t do in decades, we did in just five years. I can proudly say that if the Centre sends 100 paise to the poor, the entire money reaches their account now through direct bank transfer (edited by Pranab Kumar Chakravarty).

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