Pargya Singh Thakur apologises for lionizing Nathuram Godse

Pargya Singh Thakur, controversial BJP MP from Bhopal, had no option but to apologise at the insistence of the opposition benches for allegedly calling Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse patriot. She on Friday in the Lok Sabha however tried to defend herself saying that she had not mentioned Godse’s name while participating in a discussion in the House. She had called Udham Singh, an independence activist, patriot. First she had offered an “apology”, but this was rejected by the Opposition as she only expressed “regret” and tried to turn around the issue by attacking Congress MP Rahul Gandhi for calling her a “terrorist”. Later in the afternoon, after Speaker Om Birla convened a meeting of floor leaders, it was decided that Thakur would read out her apology from a text that was approved by all parties. Half an hour after the Lok Sabha reconvened post lunch; Thakur reached the House and read out the apology. She began by saying she had faced a lot of attacks from her “enemies”. but immediately Congress’ Lok Sabha leader Adhir Ranjan Choudhury along with many other Opposition leaders protested .Speaker Om Birla  asked her to read out from the prepared text. Thakur again pleaded that she intended to convey  her views as earlier too she could not convey her views, but Speaker Birla asked her to stick to the text. At this point, she said during the discussion on the SPG Bill on November 27 “I did not call Nathuram Godse a patriot and I did not even take his name. But still if it has hurt somebody, then I apologise while expressing my regret.”She again tried to say something beyond the text, but the Speaker turned off her mike. She has been dropped from the Parliamentary Committee on Defence Ministry by the concerned Minister Raj Nath Singh and barred from attending any meet of BJP’s Parliamentary Committee during the ongoing Winter Session of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.(image courtesy to

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