PM Modi Mesmerizes United Nations & Indian Diaspora

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has assured his position as not only as a global leader but also as a statesman in the comity of nations during his 7-day successful trip to the United States of America which concluded  on September 27,2019.First at the Howdy Modi  event at Houston and then in the United Nations  General Assembly representing  193 nations with The  Holy See and Palestine as Associate  Members , Modi unfolded  his world vision-a pollution free  ecosystem and  inclusive growth not hindered by terrorism  a well as  mutual and trilateral  cooperation .Hence, India  has  reason to be miffed when his counterpart of Pakistan   Imran Khan Niazi misusing the  precinct  of the world body for abusing  its immediate neighbour listing out  innuendo for  the violation  of human rights in Kashmir Valley following  abolition of the special  statue status enjoyed by  Jammu & Kashmir for  70 years and integrating with the rest of The Union of India. India  is  also right  for slamming Imran Khan for  twisting the happenings in Jammu & Kashmir following the withdrawal of the special status .PM Khan has made a Kashmir centric speech at the General Assembly.Excercising the right to reply within  24 hours of Pakistan PM Khans’ uncalled for accusation. India reminded Islamabad saying Indian nationals do not need any spokesperson to speak on their behalf and “least of all those who have built an industry of terrorism from the ideology of hate. Khan should introspect whether his maiden speech at the 74th UN General Assembly debate should have been devoted entirely to lash out at its immediate neighbour. Understandably, Team Imran Khan is under pressure from their political opponents and the populace for not delivering the electoral commitments. Masses are  suffering in the country which is according to PM Khan has gone bankrupt and most of the   international financial institutions are not inclined to  bail  out the country. Should he therefore not have made efforts to convince the world leaders about the difficult times his country    passing through and attract investment? He is digging his political grave by directing all energy and exhausting  his country’s exchequer by sticking to  only one point  agenda to internationalize Kashmir  issue knowing that that his predecessors remained committed   that Kashmir is a  bilateral issue between New Delhi and  Pakistan .The outcome of his meet with POTUS Donald John Trump  is fruitless as  he has reminded him that IF  India and Pakistan agree he is ready to play the role of a intermediary. What is the next course of action he is likely to take up post   his failure to mobilize most of the nations for dancing to his tune on Kashmir issue as New Delhi iterates saying  it is a bilateral matter?  His narrative is intended to foster divisiveness at the United Nations. Attempts to sharpen differences and stir up hatred are simply put – ‘hate speech” as New Delhi’s Spokesperson Vidisha Maitra told UNGA .Rarely has the General Assembly witnessed such “misuse, rather abuse”, of an opportunity to reflect.”Words matter in diplomacy. Invocation of phrases such as “pogrom”, “bloodbath”, “racial superiority”, “pick up the gun” and “fight to the end” reflect a medieval mindset and not a 21st century vision.””Pogroms, Prime Minister Imran Khan Niazi, are not a phenomenon of today’s vibrant democracies,” she said.”India is justified in suggesting to Pak PM to refresh his rather sketchy understanding of history. Do not forget the gruesome genocide perpetrated by Pakistan against its own people in 1971 and the role played by Lt. Gen A A K Niazi. A sordid fact that the Hon’ble Prime Minister of Bangladesh reminded this Assembly about earlier this afternoon.”Maitra said Khan’s “threat of unleashing nuclear devastation qualifies as brinksmanship, not statesmanship.””Even coming from the leader of a country that has monopolised the entire value chain of the industry of terrorism, Prime Minister Khan’s justification of terrorism was brazen and incendiary,” she said rightly. Is it too late  for the cricketer turned  politician and the vested interests  backing him to  appreciate that jingoism is antithesis to  the civilized world and no nation  can make an iota of socio-economic  advancement  amidst  unabated terrorism.

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