RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat Affirm RSS Respects India’s Constitution: RSS Is Not Muslim Haters

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Tuesday Declared That his organisation is not against the Minorities including the Muslims. He defined a genuine Hindu as one who seeks to accepts all and integrates with all even as he affirmed that excluding or rejecting any community like Muslims would deprive the term Hindu of its essence.RSS has  accepted and respects  the Indian Constitution, he said at a convention on RSS ideology held in New Delhi. Speaking on the second day of the lecture series at the  conclave organised by the Nagpur based organisation, Bhagwat said the concept of Hindu is all-encompassing — seeking everyone to walk together and wishing ‘Kalyan’ (well being) of the entire universe.

“Hindu Rashtra hai isliye Musalman nahin chalega isse Hindupan nahin rahega (thinking that a Muslim has no place in a Hindu Rashtra will kill the essence of Hinduness),” the RSS leader made it clear while giving a liberal exposition of  the Hindu concept. Though the term Hindu was first used in the 9th century AD , it carried with it the substance of ‘Sanatan Dharm’ meaning eternal religion that guides ‘Bharat’ since ancient times.“‘Bharat celebrates diversity and follows it, this is the Hindu message,” he said.“The RSS will first organise Hindus and then organise all other communities.”Elaborating on the point, he said it is like in an exam where one first attempts easy questions and thereafter, takes up tough questions. “None is our enemy,” he said attempting to allay  misconception  of  the organisation misconception that RSS stayed  away from freedom struggle  against  foreign regime He also  made it  clear that RSS is anti-Muslim.

The RSS chief said Indian philosophy and thought sees truth in all religions and it is this strength and substance that had sustained us through the centuries “even when we were invaded”. Indian unity is reflected in the Constitution and Sangh respects it. Bhagwat asserted that RSS never asks its volunteers to work for any particular party but does advise them to back those working in the national interest and when they approached RSS for advisory. There is a wrong perception that the RSS plays a key role in the functioning of a particular party, a reference to the BJP  because of the presence of many of its workers in that organisation, but it is wrong.“We never ask Swayamsevak (volunteer) to work for a particular party, we do ask them to back those working in national interest. RSS keeps away from politics but has views on issues of national  interest,” Bhagwat said .


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