RSS Endorses PM Modi’s Declaration That NDA Govt Awaits SC’s Verdict on Ram Janambhoomi

RSS has welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement on the Ram temple calling it a positive one saying his view on the issue is  a reiteration of the BJP’s Palampur resolution where it had said that the party would try to build the temple through dialogue or legislation. The statement issued by senior Sangh leader Dattatreya Hosabale said that the BJP’s manifesto for the 2014 general election under Modi had also promised that the BJP would make all attempts to build the temple in keeping with the provisions of the Constitution.“The people of the country had trusted him and supported the BJP with majority. That this government keep its promise in its tenure is what the people also wanted,” said Hosabale as  its affiliate VHP is  demanding legislation or an ordinance to facilitate construction of the proposed Ram temple at his birth place in Ayodhya. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made it clear in an interview to  ANI news agency that the government would await the Supreme Court’s  verdict on the Ram Temple issue.PM also  urged all parties to cooperate in completing the judicial process without any hurdles.“We have said in our manifesto that a solution would be found to this issue under the ambit of the Constitution,” PM Modi told news agency ANI in an interaction where he chose to answer questions on a range of contentious issues, said PM Modi .These included the Rafale jet deal, efficacy of surgical strikes, the need for demonetisation, crackdown on defaulters, social issues like lynching and emerging political formations in the form of “mahagathbandhan”.Downplaying the possibility of a coalition against him in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, he said the polls would be between “Janata” and “Gathbandhan”. Modi was just a manifestation of public love and blessings, PM Modi said.He said the Gathbandhan’s effort was firmly rejected in the Telangana Assembly elections recently, as also in the civic body polls in several states. He maintained the BJP believed in accommodating its allies. Answering a query whether the government would consider promulgating an ordinance for Ram Temple just as it did for Triple Talaq, PM Modi said in case of the latter, it came after the Supreme Court verdict. With the apex court currently hearing the case, the PM said lawyers belonging to the Congress should avoid placing hurdles in the resolution of the issue. “After the judgment is delivered, the government will do what it has to,” he said.India’s foreign policy, he said,  being  pursued by India towards Pakistan had been consistent, be it the government headed by Manmohan Singh or him. “India is for dialogue and our country is prepared to discuss all issues but Pakistan has to stop cross-border terrorism.” The Prime Minister said it was on account of his government efforts that today Pakistan found itself isolated internationally on terrorism. Responding to his reach-out to new Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and subsequent cooling off, PM Modi said dialogue could not be heard amid the noise of bombs and guns. On China, he disagreed with the question characterising the charge that his efforts to improve ties with Beijing ended in a “dhoka” (deception) on Doklam. The PM said what the country got for it could not be called “dhoka”. “We want good relations with our neighbours,” he asserted.PM Modi said he had responded to charges on the fighter deal both in Parliament and in public and that he “refuses to be drawn into a debate every time someone raises it”. To a question that Congress president Rahul Gandhi had levelled charges of favouritism against him in the deal, he said: “I believe these are not against an individual but against the government… if he has, let him find out and bring it out against me.”(image courtesy to Rising Kashmir)

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