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SITHARAMAN Slams Pak PM Imran Khan’s Insensitive Reaction to Pulwama Massacre of CRPF Personnel

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has deplored Pakistan for seeking proof of its involvement in Pulwama terror attack and saying India   has been providing evidence but the neighbouring country has not taken any action on it. The Indian Army claims that it is in possession of irrefutable evidence that the terror group JeM’s spiritual father is Pakistan Army. Jaish has claimed responsibility in the  terror attack in South Kashmir .She made the  comment  on  Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s message to India to share ‘actionable intelligence’ if his country was involved in the terror attack for any action.”Since the Mumbai attacks, not just this government, the earlier government also had sent dossiers after dossiers, evidence after evidence, what action has Pakistan taken on them?” she asked. Also, at every level India has been following the process of law and the Mumbai attackers had been brought to book and punished by court of law, she told a press conference here.”In Pakistan not even the first court is doing its job. There is nothing for Pakistan to show,” she added. Asked by reporters for reaction to Khan’s comments over the attack, Sitharaman said she would not want to say how the government was going to respond to it as no word is sufficient enough to assuage the anger and disappointment of every person of the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already allowed the Indian Army to respond at any given time and as they see fit, Sitharaman said. On the defence forces morale following the Pulwama terror attack, Sitharaman said “The morale is not affected at all, they are absolutely ready to do their job. The response the people of India have shown, has brought greater motivation to them,” she said.The government is doing to avoid a repeat of Pulwama type attacks. Sitharaman said India was gathering more information to prevent any such incidents in future.”The security agencies are working tirelessly to gather more information from the ground. Every effort will be taken to prevent any future incidents such as Pulwama Terror attack,” she said at Bengaluru. Meanwhile, Imran Khan’s ex -wife Reham Khan says his is reading the script penned by his army bosses.  Imran Khan is puppet of military. He was waiting for instructions before speech, Reham Khan said .Reham Khan’s response came hours after Imran Khan said that Pakistan would certainly retaliate if India declared a war, while also pledging to act against those countrymen who are found involved in the attack if “actionable intelligence” was provided.    “Imran has come into power by compromising on ideology and moderate policy. Do not imagine for a minute that it is his policy. He is instructed to do and instructed to say what the state wants. We have seen the rise of new extremist religious parties during the elections and we have seen a lot of violence, riots in Islamabad. Imran Khan used a blasphemy card,” Reham Khan told India Today.

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