US election: 2 candidates with divergent world vision

US elections live updates: Trump and Biden campaigns ramp up | US & Canada  | Al Jazeera

AS  the world’s richest and diverse  United States of America is in the process of electing its 46th President to guide the nation for the next four years, POTUS  Donald Trump has denied speculation that he is planning to prematurely declare victory after the presidential polls are over on November 3. He however   hinted that he is gearing up for a legal battle post the election.”No, no that was a false report,” Trump told reporters at the Charlotte airport in North Carolina amidst a news report that he is planning to prematurely declare victory on the election night. At the same time, he indicated that his team is gearing up for a legal battle on the election night itself. “I think it is a terrible thing when ballots can be collected after an election. I think it is a terrible thing when people or states are allowed to tabulate ballots for a long period of time after the election is over because it can only lead to one thing,” Trump said.”We are going in the night of — as soon as the election is over — we are going in with our lawyers,” he said as he criticised the decision taken by the Supreme Court to allow ballots to be received after Election Day in several battleground states. With discontented African-Americans and the American Muslim community with the incumbent President Trump, he is contesting the second term against former Vice President Joe Biden.  Both white candidates  President  Trump and Joe Biden made their last-ditch efforts yesterday to woo the voters. Trump campaigned in Michigan, Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Biden held multiple events in Philadelphia as he seeks to win Pennsylvania.
Nearly 9.2 crore Americans have already cast their votes that could take days or weeks to be counted in some states. A winner might not be declared in the hours after polling closes tonight. On the other hand, says a political analyst, India’s economic dependence under Trump on the US has increased. For the fiscal year 2019-20, bilateral trade between the two nations stood at $88.75 billion, making the US India’s top trading partner. Biden is known to have expressed a softer stance on trade with China. He even hinted at ending the tariffs that Trump had imposed on Chinese imports. If Biden is elected, some of the economic gains that India expects might not come true and  New Delhi will have no other alternative but to change its Sino-India policy. ‘’However, having a Vice-President, who has Indian heritage and speaks Sanskrit and Tamil, might appear as a plus point. But the Democratic Party has often fallen prey to the wiles of separatist elements and religious freedoms could be on the agenda. However American pragmatism might mean a more nuanced approach to the relationship with India even in a Biden-Harris victory despite Modi personally relying on  Donald Trump’s hawkish attitude to China. By the time the write-up is in the public domain, the North Americans might have chosen their most powerful executive in the hallowed White House. edited by PK Chakravarty

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