Utpal Chatterjee, Kolkata based distinguished journalist, recognized as Legend of Bengal by AIHRC

UTPAL CHATTERJEE is an acclaimed Indian journalist and public speaker. He was until recently the Sheriff of Calcutta and its first citizen. He has interviewed 21 Heads of State, nine Nobel Laureates and travelled with Indian Prime Ministers as part of their respective media delegations. Having done his fellowship in Journalism from Oxford, he has travelled abroad on other official assignments more than 50 times across all the continents except Africa and Australia. He is on the panel of experts of BBC, London.Earlier; he worked for several leading Indian national newspapers and journals. In addition to several international and national recognitions, he has recently been recognised for being an OUTSTANDING INDIAN for “his contribution to enriching National values, public service and international journalism” by NIFI (National Integration Forum of India). In December 2018, he was recognized as the “LEGEND OF BENGAL” by the All India Human Rights Council.Incidentally,he has just returned from the PEACE BUILDERS’ CONFERENCE at Kuala Lumpur where he excelled in his deliberations with the UNHCR and the World Bank apart from advising the VC and speaking at the International University. He along with former Vice President of India MH. Ansari and former West Bengal Governor M.K.Narayanan was  on the select panel of Distinguished Visiting Professors of  the St.Xavier’s University in Kolkata.Recently,he was bestowed with the National Education Leadership Award for “Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in being the Ideal Indian Citizen. Asked  about his reaction to the honour bestowed on him, Utpal Chatterjee said : “  I am indeed  overwhelmed  by so many congratulating and expressing their happiness’ in so many ways after I received the LEGEND OF BENGAL award from the All India Human Rights Council on the World Human Rights Day.Earlier,I was recognised as OUTSTANDING INDIAN by the National Integration Forum of  India (NIFI).Then came the National Award in Education Leadership Award and Lifetime Achievement recognition for being the IDEAL INDIAN CITIZEN. The congratulations and best wishes are still pouring in on the social media (Facebook and WhatsApp), phone and in person. During my earliest days at school our Principal used to keep reiterating, “Be good, do good and think good.” The emphasis was on “good”. As years rolled by to the present; his advice has truly sunk in. It takes nothing to be pleasant, whatever the situation or provocation. There was a time when I was a no-nonsense man. I had little time for those inhabiting a world of half -truths, rumours and half baked knowledge.Now,I just choose to avoid them. It takes nothing to afford a smile and be pleasant and helpful.Yes,I have, professionally and otherwise, always been in rigorous pursuit of truth. Values imbibed in me by my parents, teachers and some amazing personalities like the late J.R.D.Tata and Russi Mody have carried me a great distance in life. There is no substitute to hard work, truth and being conscientious. We are far better off than so many who have not been very fortunate. We must reach out to them. The joy of making the underprivileged and unfortunate happy is incomparable. I am truly grateful to those who have played a positive role in my life and help me traverse such a distance. Words cannot suffice. Good deeds can. The rest of my life will be dedicated to what I have enjoyed most, doing good to others in my way. May the Almighty guide me as only He can”.

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