“WE Are Fighting For Kashmir Not Against Kashmiri People”: PM Narendra Modi

AS  Indians  are  expressing  angst  over dastardly  Pulwama attack  on CRPF personnel  across India  and overseas, Prime Minister  has  condemned  assaults on Kashmiris  underlining that India is committed to fight terrorism and not Kashmiris. “Everybody is tired of terrorism in Kashmir and people there want to contain terrorism forever,” he told a rally of BJP workers and leaders at Tonk in Rajasthan.”We are fighting for Kashmir to retain it as an integral part of India .We are not fighting against any Kashmiri”, he said. Recalling his conversation with Imran Khan after he became Pakistan’s PM, Modi said  “I told him there have been enough fights between India and Pakistan… let us fight poverty and illiteracy. He told me, ‘Modiji, I am the son of a Pathan. I speak the truth and act truly’. Let us see if he meant what”, he said adding the Indian nation witnessed Kashmiris queuing up to donate blood for those injured during the Amarnath yatra last year.“Our fight is against those who are against humanity.”  When Sarpanch and Panches from Kashmir had pleaded with him for conducting Panchayat polls two years ago, “I urged them to close down schools run by terrorists because it was their children’s future that was at stake. They kept their word and helped nab certain terrorists. Now there is no such school in the Valley, he added. The Kashmiri youth are also against terrorism and wanted to fight the dreaded menace.”We need to keep them with us and cooperate.”


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