BJP Leader Does Not See Any Difference between Rahul Gandhi & Pakistan Leaders’ Language Post Pulwama Carnage

BJP leader N.V.S.S. Prabhakar has compared Congress president Rahul Gandhi with Pakistan leaders saying he is speaking their language on the airstrike by the Indian Air Force on the Jaish’s biggest camp at Balakot. Gandhi was questioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi the way leaders from Pakistan were questioning him,  Prabhakar told reporter  at Hyderabad on Sunday.“The Congress says there is a josh in the party after the meeting of Rahul Gandhi in Andhra Pradesh. Despite Congress leaders repeatedly asking the crowd to cheer for Rahul, the people did not. That shows the josh in the Telangana Congress. “Rahul’s speech shows that he has lost his mind and he is in a helpless situation. Rahul is speaking the same words on the Pulwama attack as the leaders in Lahore are speaking. Rahul is questioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the same way that the Pakistan leaders questioned.” Prabhakar said the Congress had lost many seats, but the party was still claiming that Gandhi is the future Prime Minister. “The people want Modi once again,” the former MLA said .People like Nirav Modi and Vijaya Mallya had taken massive loans during the UPA-2 regime which was exposed by the Modi government which is taking legal action against them for extradition from overseas for facing trial for defrauding the nation. In Telangana two Congress MLAs have switched their affiliation to the ruling TRS and one more MLA has announced he will defect and many more are ready to go. Their own MLAs do not trust the Congress, how can these leaders rule the country, Prabhakar wondered.


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