Press Club Condemns Attack On The Journalists

Five journalists were attacked during the Hindu Mahapanchayat meeting held on April 3 at Delhi’s Burari Grounds.  This attack seems to be a pre-conceived nefarious act of the communal hooligans to force media persons to follow their hidden agenda. Going by the series of attacks on media persons in the recent past, it could be clearly seen that these people are hell-bent on gagging the press in its entirety. Even the Delhi Police personnel remained a mute spectator and has not initiated any action to arrest the culprits involved in the Burari incident.

The Press Club of India condemned the attack and demanded immediate arrest of these hooligans with communal overtones and judicial enquiry be initiated to find out what exactly led to the barbaric assault on the journalists.

A similar incident took place recently in Ballia district of UP where a journalist was arbitrarily arrested by the district administration when he had exposed the leak of 12th examination English paper. It has been observed that the UP government, of recent, is going hammer and tongs to threaten and actually arrest those media persons who don’t toe the line of government thinking over the issues of policy measures. And sycophant and more-than-eager UP police and bureaucrats don’t waste time arresting the media persons at the first-available opportunity to please Powers-that-be.

The Press Club of India while condemning the Ballia incident demanded that the UP government and Ballia administration release the arrested journalist and take immediate action against those who were involved in the question paper leak incident.

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