Chinese Media entities designated as Foreign Missions in USA

Xi Jinping has a plan. Does Donald Trump? - The Sunday Guardian Live

With the cold war between The United States of America and  China heating up, Trump administration has designated ‘‘the PRC propaganda outlets’’ functioning in the US as Foreign Missions. These nine entities all meet the definition of a foreign mission under the Foreign Missions Act, which is to say that they are “substantially owned or effectively controlled” by a foreign government. In this case, they are effectively controlled by the government of the People’s Republic of China. The decision to designate these entities is not based on any content produced by these entities, nor does it place any restrictions on what the designated entities may publish in the United States. says  Morgan Ortagus, Spokesperson for  US Department of State, in a statement. It simply recognizes them for what they are. The entities designated as foreign missions must adhere to certain administrative requirements that also apply to foreign embassies and consulates in the United States. This designation recognizes PRC propaganda outlets as foreign missions and increases transparency relating to the CCP and PRC government’s media activities in the United States. Pursuant to authorities under the Foreign Missions Act, the State Department issued a new determination that designates the U.S. operations of China Central Television, China News Service, the People’s Daily, and the Global Times as foreign missions.  This follows on the February 18 designation of Xinhua News Agency, China Global Television Network, China Radio International, China Daily Distribution Corporation, and Hai Tian Development USA. Over the past decade and particularly under General Secretary Xi Jinping’s tenure, the CCP has reorganized China’s state propaganda outlets disguised as news agencies and asserted even more direct control over them. He has stated “Party-owned media must. . . embody the party’s will, safeguard the party’s authority … their actions must be highly consistent with the party.” In short, while Western media are beholden to the truth, PRC media are beholden to the Chinese Communist Party, Ortagus added. (for the pic, courtesy to Sunday Guardian)

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