Delhi Assembly election leaves several complicated questions for national leadership: NPP

The National Panthers Party Executive which met in New Delhi after the NCT of Delhi Assembly election results were ‘declared congratulated nearly 63% of the voters who had participated in the Assembly election on February 8, 2020. A meeting of several NPP activists, youth and students’ representatives was held over a cup of tea at Panthers ‘New Delhi headquarters. Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron & Founder of J&K National Panthers Party’, complimented the enlightened voters of NCT of Delhi who have rewritten the history of Delhi Pradesh with the use of their votes defeating the Bhartiya Janata Party sending a the message to all the countrymen that the people if they exercise their power to vote, they can defeat the mightiest of the rulers as the voters of NCT of Delhi has done this time also.  Prof.Bhim Singh congratulated the people and hoped that the people in the rest of the country may learn a lesson from the electorates of NCT of Delhi who has defeated the powerful party in the national capital and voted for the proletarian party. The Delhi electorates have given the clear message that the power lies in the exercise of their votes. It is this power which has given the clear message that secularism, brotherhood and unity of the people shall ensure the implementation of all fundamental rights to all sections of the society. Delhi election has shown a great victory of secularism, democracy and the constitution. (with courtesy to the for the picture above)

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