Delhi Government seeks people’s cooperation for pollution control drive, says Gopal Rai

FOLLOWING criticism by the Delhiites for worsening air quality,  Environment Minister of Delhi  Gopal Rai has suggested that the residents must prompt five of their peers, friends or acquaintances to help reduce the growing pollution menace endangering their longevity. The personalized vehicle owners should switch their vehicles off while waiting at the traffic signals. Starting November 2, the anti-pollution drive will be launched in all the 272 wards in Delhi. His Cabinet colleague  Imran Hussain joined Gopal Rai at Delhi Gate near Darya Ganj on Wednesday to sensitize people towards ensuring that they switch their vehicles off at the traffic signals. Imran Hussain said that the people of Delhi are constantly joining this campaign and are switching off their vehicles at red lights to curb the pollution in the city. “We have deployed environmental marshals at all traffic signal crossings across Delhi. We are witnessing more and more public support towards the red light on campaign of the Delhi government. This campaign is running in all 70 assembly constituencies in Delhi. The team of women marshals have taken the lead in spreading awareness about the campaign,” he said. “This campaign can reduce around 15-20 per cent pollution in Delhi. The people of Delhi have done some commendable work previously, and I am certain that they will defeat pollution this time as well.”

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