DELHI Govt Prioritises Containment of Pollution In Current FY’s Budget

THE Delhi government has presented a Rs 53,000-crore Budget for the 2018-19 Financial year prioritizing efforts to contain pollution, improving healthcare system and improving the condition in the slum areas. “This is the first ‘green Budget’ of the AAP Government for effective containment of pollution in the city,” Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said while presenting the Budget in the Legislative Assembly on Thursday. The Budget is 19.45 per cent higher than the revised estimates of Rs 44,370 crore in 2017-18, Sisodia said. Later speaking to media Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said “It is a splendid Budget and I congratulate Manish Sisodia for presenting the first green Budget.”In the Budget, the Government has taken care of all sections of society. There is a lot for poor people, women, middle class and students. Besides education and health, we have focused on roads, sewer and water. We have also stressed on investment in these three areas,” Kejriwal added. Sisodia, also holding finance portfolio, said the “Green Budget” comprises 26 schemes or projects. These include a pilot agriculture-cum-solar farm scheme and other schemes related to environment, power, Transport and Public Works Departments. The Delhi Government proposes to purchase 60 new vehicles, body-worn cameras and e-challaning tabs, he said. There will be thrust on “green” initiatives for pollution reduction, water and launching health insurance for all schemes. The Deputy Chief Minister said the Budget follows trickle up economics with an aim to benefit poor and middle class population of Delhi. In his speech he mentioned that the Government has collaborated with global think-tank World Resource Institute to understand the impact of the “green Budget” for 2018-19. The proposed 26 projects will reduce CO2, PM2.5 and other pollutants emissions on a per year basis. The Government will also partner with the C-40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, a network of the largest cities in the world, to carry out the first comprehensive city-wide inventory of greenhouse gas emissions in Delhi, he said. A real-time source apportionment study in partnership with the University of Washington will be carried out, “The first comprehensive city-wide inventory of greenhouse gas emissions in Delhi will also be carried out, adding, “Government will offer an incentive to industries in approved industrial areas of up to Rs 1 lakh to switchover to Piped Natural Gas from existing polluting fuels,” Sisodia added. A total of 1,000 indoor display boards will be installed in Government buildings to provide information on air pollution levels. There will also be subsidy for restaurants to encourage them to move from using coal to electricity or gas-based tandoors.Fifty  per cent concession in registration of CNG cars will be given  and said solar panels will be installed over 16 km cycle track. Making announcements on Education, Health, Infrastructure and other sectors, Sisodia said that the AAP Government will work with University of Washington to get the real time ambient air data which vary with respect to different time, season and locations in Delhi. In Delhi’s administration and policy frame work for the development of road and infrastructure, civic agencies are also pivotal. The total financial support to local bodies in 2018-19 is Rs 6,903 crore which is 13 per cent of the total Budget and 9.98 per cent higher than the funds given in the revised estimates of 2017-18.The Government also announced installation of CCTV cameras in schools, providing self-defence training for girl students, allocating Rs 100 crore for free Wi-Fi, which was a major pre-poll promise by the AAP and installation of 1.2 lakh CCTV cameras in the city by June next year. It also promised implementation of doorstep delivery of Government services by June 15, and Rs 1,500 crore for infrastructure development in unauthorised colonies. “The Government has allocated Rs 10 crore for self-defence training of girl students in Delhi and Rs 20 crore has been allocated for promotion of sports in schools,” he said, and also announced allocation of Rs 315 crore for setting up a world-class skill centre in the national Capital to train the youth in getting jobs.  (image – india today)





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