NDMA directs states, UTs to ensure implementation of MHA’s guidelines by the factories before resuming functioning

Delhi  headquartered  National Disaster Management Authority headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has advised owners of industries closed due to nationwide lockdown to take preventive measures for the workers as well to ensure hygienic environment before resuming activities.   NDMA  has put the onus on the state governments to ensure that off-site disaster management plans of the respective major Accidental Hazard units are updated and preparedness to implement them is high. It has also advised that all the district concerned officers will ensure that the industrial On-Site Disaster Management Plans are also in place and cover Standard Operating Procedures for the safe restarting of the industries during and after COVID -19 lockdown. The NDMA has advised the Manufacturing Industries to consider trial or test run period while restarting the Unit and ensure all safety protocols and not try to achieve high production targets. To minimize the risk, it is important that employees who work on specific equipment are sensitized. They made aware of the need to identify abnormalities like strange sound or smell, leaks, smoke, or other potentially hazardous sign which indicate the need for immediate maintenance or if required shutdown. It has suggested for inspection of all equipment as per the safety protocols during the restart phase. in case, the industry has any difficulty in managing crucial backward linkages that may be critical for their safe functioning, they should approach the local District Administration for specific assistance.  NDMA  has advised for 24 hours sanitisation of the premises,  education on safety steps to be taken from entry to exit in their workplaces.  It has also suggested creating physical barriers to ensure the physical distance within the work floor and dining facilities. In case of working in shifts, the NDMA said,  factories that work 24 hours at full production capacity should consider a one-hour gap between shifts except factories and plants requiring continuous operations. Managerial and administrative staff should work one shift at 33 percent capacity as per Home Ministry guidelines. It has further suggested ensuring no sharing of tools or workstations to the extent possible and provide additional sets of tools if needed.

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