DUJ Exhorts Media Women to Defend Independent Journalism

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2023 the Delhi Union of Journalists (DUJ) congratulated all the intrepid women journalists who are forging ahead in the profession, braving many hurdles to do so.

In a press statement the DUJ mentioned about recognizing media women’s multiple roles as reporters, copy editors, anchors, photographers, videographers, graphic artists and researchers. They have established themselves in all fields, ranging from sports to science journalism. The DUJ especially commended the many brave women who persist as independent, freelance journalists in an adverse, highly competitive and insecure environment and also the entrepreneurial women youtubers who are making a niche for themselves in digital spaces.

However the DUJ body condemned the growing attacks on women in the media and also condemned the filing of police cases against several women journalists for their investigative journalism.. Many are attacked by trolls, face threats of rape and murder. This is becoming common in the anonymity of the social media. The DUJ demanded that social media companies and the police take firm action in all such cases.

While the DUJ applauded women journalists’ many achievements but also cautioned them against playing an aggressive role in promoting political, divisive and communal agendas, particularly on television whichis creating loss of credibility of many media channels. The DUJ body appealed to all journalists to play an honest and honourable role in defending India’s secular, democratic traditions and institutions. Pic courtesy Outlook India

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