EX-CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan Does Not Rule Out Mid- term Poll In MP

FORMER Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan for 15 years has hinted at his “earlier than expected comeback” to the Treasury benches as the Kamal Nath-led Congress government may not last its full term of five years. Chouhan was meeting his supporters on his last night at the Chief Minister’s residence late on Wednesday, when he assured them and said: “Don’t worry about your future. Don’t be despondent over what will happen to you, for I will be back.”As Bharatiya Janata Party workers shouted slogans of Chouhan’s return in five years, the former Chief Minister, who ruled the state for three straight terms before being defeated in a close contest in the assembly elections denying the Congress singlehandedly the magical number in the 230-Member House, said in Bollywood style: “Tiger abhi zinda hai (The King is till alive).””Maybe it will not take an entire five years, may be I will be back sooner than you expect,” Chouhan added. The Congress won 114 seats in the 230-member House. It fell two short of the magic number in a contest with the BJP (109) that went down to the wire. However, the Congress ensured the support of 121 MLAs with the Samajwadi Party (1), Bahujan Samaj Party (2) and four Independents backing it. The next Assembly session will begin on January 7, when newly elected legislators will take oath. Governor Anandiben Patel will address the House on January 8. The announcements followed a meeting of Chief Minister Kamal Nath with the governor on Thursday. Kanpur born Kamal Nath, who is now allowed to play a major role in the state by his party’s high command, has meanwhile told media people that that the first time MLAs are unlikely to find place when he expands his ministry.


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