Google Servers down, Big Set Back to India’s trade & Industry.

Freedom of Trade, Commerce and Intercourse: Articles 301 - 307 of the Indian  Constitution

India’s business community on Monday, December 14 incurred losses amounting to billion dollars due to non-functioning of  Google servers. ‘’ It is all of a sudden that we found Gmail is not working. Neither we are able to receive mail nor we can send any mail through Gmail resulting into mass level setback to trade & Industry of the Company’’ said  Praveen Khandelwal, Secretary General of the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT). Since majority of the traders in India are subscribers of Gmail, it becomes very difficult for the traders to continue their business activities smoothly as most of the business which was hitherto done was through letter and physical correspondence whereas the said mode has been replaced by mails and largely through Gmail. The traders across Country complained frequently to CAIT Headquarters at New Delhi and thereafter it was checked and found that Google servers are down. ’We are encountering an error message trying to access Google services including Google Docs, Slides, Calendar, Drive, Chat and Meet etc’’, said Khandelwal. At a time when we are fast moving towards digital commerce and adopting & accepting digital payments, sudden outrage of Google services is a matter of great concern, he added. Image courtesy to   iPleaders blog

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