Hasina Govt extends lockdown in Bangladesh till June 30

AS Corona deaths and new cases of infection continued in Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina government has extended virtual lockdown across the nation till June 30 to contain its spread. A total of  53 deaths was confirmed on Tuesday which is stated to be the highest single-day toll due to Coronavirus in the country. The number of infected people has also crossed 94,000 since the first Corona positive case was reported in Bangladesh on March 8. The government has issued an order issued introducing zoning system dividing areas into red, yellow and green zones depending upon the severity of the Coronavirus infection. The local authorities and the health department will finalise a detailed plan for implementing restrictions in the red and yellow zones. The areas under the red zone will observe ‘general holidays’ with restrictions placed on the movement of people and vehicles. All offices and shops except essential ones will remain closed in those areas. Citizens have been advised to stay indoors between 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. local time. No shops will be open beyond 4 p.m. local time. Wearing of face masks, social distancing and other health guidelines must be observed by all. Owners of shops, malls and authorities at places of the public gathering are required to enforce the health guidelines. The movement of goods transport vehicles will continue. Public transport including trains, airplanes, buses and waterways will continue to operate on a limited scale. Factories will be allowed to open but they must ensure health regulations issued by the government. No public rallies, meetings or mass gatherings would be allowed. The government had instructed that the educational institutions in the country will remain closed till August 6.

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