HATS off to the scientists devoted to developing a vaccine against dreaded coronavirus

  • Utpal Chatterjee
Oxford University Student Barred From Graduation Due to Sandals ...

FINALLY, LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL! Even as hundreds and thousands have been infected and succumbed to Covid-19 the world over, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. When Covid-19 had first struck, one was left wondering why no attempts were being made to find the vaccine to end the pandemic from becoming the terror disease that it has. Listening to scientists at an absorbing discussion on CNN in the early hours today, one understands that led by the Oxford University team, there are nearly a hundred companies that are working round the clock to find the final remedy. Once it is discovered, millions have to be prepared to protect mankind everywhere. Sans doubt, this is the best and most hopeful news yet. Even the worst of wars came to an end as did deadly diseases like the Spanish Flu. So far, despite the discipline shown during the lockdowns here and in the West, nothing hopeful had come forth. Now we have something to look forward to. We cannot wait for the vaccine to be out in Autumn or Winter but as soon as possible. Man has waited long enough. His patience is wearing thin. Let us hope and pray that brilliant scientists succeed in their endeavors soon, very soon. (The writer Utpal Chatterjee is a Kolkata based senior journalist. The picture is from Facebook).

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