INDIA, Australia resolve to expand co-operation in several economic activities

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Australian counterpart Scott Morrison held a virtual online summit on Thursday, June 04 focussing on how further strengthen bilateral relations between the two nations. They stressed the need for more mutual cooperation in healthcare, trade and defence. PM Modi said he believed that it is the “perfect time and perfect opportunity” to further strengthen the relationship between India and Australia. “We have immense possibilities to make our friendship stronger. How our relations become a ‘factor of stability’ for our region and for the world, how we work together for global good, all these aspects need to be considered. “The prime minister said India was committed to expanding its relations with Australia on a wider and faster pace, noting that it is important not only for the two countries but also for the Indo-Pacific region and the world. “The role of our comprehensive strategic partnership will be more important during and post-global epidemic. The world needs a coordinated and collaborative approach to get out of the economic and social side effects of this epidemic,” he said. Modi said the role of a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership will be more important during a global pandemic. This is the perfect time to further strengthen relations between India & Australia. There are endless opportunities to strengthen our friendship, he said adding it also brings with it challenges to turn this potential into reality and how bilateral relations become a factor of stability for the region. He said his government has taken the decision to view this COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity. A process of comprehensive reforms has been initiated in almost all areas and its result will be seen at the ground level very soon. The Prime Minister expressed condolences on behalf of the people of India to the COVID-19 affected people in Australia. He also expressed gratitude for the way Australia has taken care of the Indian community and students during the pandemic. In his address, the Australian Prime Minister thanked Mr. Modi for his leadership and for playing a constructive role during the pandemic.  Australia is committed to an open, inclusive, and prosperous Indo-Pacific and India’s role in the region will be critical in the years ahead, he said. The maritime relationship between India and Australia is the platform for so many other things between both countries. He commended India for becoming the Chair of WHO’s executive board at a time when healthcare in fracture needed to be upgraded and expanded across the globe, Morrison said.

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