INDIAN traders set to launch BOYCOTT CHINESE products movement on Wednesday, calling China neo East India Company

Indian retail market to touch $1,200 billion by 2021: Report ...

CONFEDERATION Of All India Traders abbreviated as CAIT claiming to represent seventy million business persons will not sell Chinese products and encourage indigenous ones from June 10. In a statement, CAIT President B C Bhartia and Secretary General Praveen Khandelwal said “भारतीय सामान – हमारा अभिमान”  will continue till  December 2021. “We have made a list of 3,000 products being imported from China. All these goods are being made in India. And hence, there will be no effect on the Indian economy and consumers, if these Chinese goods are not sold. We will appeal to business people to promote Made in India products”. Unfortunately, China has always opposing India on all forums and prompting Pakistan to create problems for Indians. In view of China’s proxy war with India, CAIT is motivating the mercantile community to discourage the sale of Chinese goods and has been able to reduce India’s export bill to the tune of millions of  Forex. It may not be possible overnight in totally replacing Made in China products by our available indigenous products, Khandelwal said adding our mission is to change mindsets of both consumers and mercantile community. CAIT has noted the fast-changing perception of millions of Indians in favour of Made in India products to benefit small, marginal and cottage industries. CAIT has also noted that China has been trying to capture the retail market to weaken the Indian economy. As part of its calculated strategy, China has turned India into its largest retail market and has emerged as the neo East India company in South Asia, Khandelwal added.

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