Is Dialogue Possible Between India & Pakistan Post Pulwama massacre?

IT is  indeed  an appreciable  augury  for the world’s  largest   functioning democracy  that  India’s civilian population have not only condemned  but also called for  appropriate action against the brain behind the  horrendous suicide attack on a vehicle carrying   CRPF personnel and killing an estimated  44 of them  in South Kashmir on February 14.  The nation feels outraged over the dastardly killings of the Jawans who were deployed to assist the local authorities as also to combat insurgency in the state bordering Pakistan. In the  wake of  the deplorable incident , India  has  withdrawn  The Most Favoured Nation Status  given to Pakistan  and  launched a massive  diplomatic  offensive globally to isolate  the failed nation promoting  terror attacks by its ISI abetted Jaish-e-Mohammad. India is also planning to divert water  flow of three rivers  to Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir  and  Punjab .The Pakistan based JeM had claimed the responsibility for the biggest terror attack on security forces in the state since 1989. 21 years old local terrorist Adil Dar, a school dropout, has been identified for carrying out the Pulwama attack. Security forces claim it was masterminded by JeM commander Abdul Rasheed , a Pakistani national. The IED expert reportedly was trained in Afghanistan. Pakistan as usual is in denial of involvement in the heinous crime. With all wars and Kargil Conflict fought over   Kashmir, it is the Pakistan army who suffered the higher causalities. India has won all the wars. As PM Narendra Modi and his colleagues have reaffirmed “We will give a befitting reply to the western neighbour bent upon destabilizing us. Terrorism is a huge threat for global peace and stability. Brutal Pulwama incident proves that time for talks have passed. The entire world needs to unite against terrorism and its supporters. With people’s wholehearted support and backing, the Indian Army and other defence forces feel encouraged to finish off the agents of terror in Jammu & Kashmir.   Corps Commander Lt Gen K J S Dhillon of the Chinar Corps said the masterminds of the Pulwama attack have been eliminated urging mothers of the youngsters to persuade their children to abhor militancy.  It is needless to emphasize the misguided Kashmiri youngsters cannot be compelled to shun gun culture by taking a hawkish line only. The policy of carrot and stick should be followed to bring them back to the mainstream. It is  an uphill task to convince them that it is a pipe dream and illogical to endeavour for merging  the state  with the army controlled  regime across the  international border with  66   percent Muslims, about 31 percent  Hindus,1.2 per cent Buddhists  and  1.06 per cent  Sikh out of a total of 14.324 million population. Pakistan remains a failed state where   Baluchs, Paktoons, Sindhis and some other communities besides the minorities remain deprived of human rights. Is the Islamist nation becoming economically strong? It will be wise on our part to avoid discussing the subject. It is also time for the Kashmiri youngsters to think whether they will benefit in such a scenario across LOC. The main problem is how to tackle Pakistan’s Indian proxies. Living comfortably in air conditioned environ amassing wealth, these people are responsible for radicalizing   the Kashmiri youth and utilising them as fodder and functioning as mouthpieces for the   junta. How can we be forgetful that the Imran Khan regime is publicly hobnobbing with Hafeez Mohammad Saeed, alleged mastermind of the Mumbai massacre on 26/11/2008? Is he not a UN designated terrorist and what action Pakistan has taken despite actionable proof given to it against him and his trigger happy gang?( & for pic to The Tribune)

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