KAZI Nazrul Islam Jayanti Observed In Delhi

WARM Tributes were paid to Bidrohi Bengali Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam (1899-1976) at a function organised by the Bengal Association, Delhi, on the occasion of his 119th birth anniversary. Nazrul born in Churulia at Asansol, West Bengal and passed way in Bangladesh, remains a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity .A feature film on the multi faceted personality who had mesmerized then Bengal was screened at the gala function. He has left imprints in poems, music, stories, essays; plays as well on celluloid .He respected both Hindu faith and Islam devotional songs such as Shyama Sangit, Krisha Bhajan as well as also Islamic  devotional songs. The biopic testifies these. He translated poems of Hafiz and Omar Khayyam .He penned short stories and novels and Gazzal.It is stated that he created as many as 18 Ragas and 11 talas and composed close to 4,000 lyrics. The narrators are Debasish Bose of DD, thespian Soumitra Chattapadhyaya and actor Dipankat Dey  .In the lead roles are Shantilal Mukherjee ,Saugat Bandopadhyay, Priyanka Bhattacharjee , Samudra Mitra and George Backer in the masterpiece made by   Mujibur Rahman. Among his thirty famed documentaries is Rabindra-Jeevan O Samay has been acclaimed by movie buffs as well intellectual community at home and overseas. The documentary is part of curriculum of Jadavpur and Edinburgh Napier Universities.  Several Nazrul scholars also highlighted contribution made by Nazrul Islam to Bangla literature, says Tapan Sengupta, spokesperson for the Bengal Association.

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