MAYAWATI Says People Are Fed Up With BJP Govt

BSP supremo Mayawati has said the Narendra Modi-led government has nothing to showcase during the last four years. It has totally failed to deliver .Some of the NDA partners were walking out of it as The Modi government completed four years in power on May 27. The four years of the BJP-led government have been most “unsuccessful and disappointing at all levels,” Mayawati said.”This kind of exploitation of the poor, labourers, common people and women under the central government has never been seen before…Their ‘chori aur seena jori’ has also been unheard of in the past,” the BSP chief said. She had convened a meeting of her party office bearers later in the day.”The BJP and PM’s unfulfilled promises undermined the faith and effectiveness of this government,” she said. Their own people were not listening to the leaders and it was an indication that the countdown of the BJP government had started, Mayawati said and claimed that the government had  bowed down before the capitalists as a result of which the country’s economy had suffered and the people were concerned whether their money was safe in banks or not. She alleged that there was anarchy in all walks of life, which proved that the BJP’s rule meant “jungle raj”.”It seems that they have given permission to their people to level all kind of unfounded allegations and indulge in illegal acts,” she alleged.

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