PM Modi Says Several Tainted Leaders Facing Trial Are Trying To Unite For Dislodging NDA Govt

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said several tainted leaders are trying to forge opposition unity to dislodge the NDA government forgetting that the people are not aware that they are interested in uniting to safeguard their fiefdom and illegal assets. He was making an apparent attack on Congress President Rahul Gandhi and his mother Sonia Gandhi who are accused of illegally trying to own property of the now defunct National Herald valued at INR 5,000 crore and have been released on bail by a Delhi court.” Due to the commitment of this government against the black money and corruption, people those who are out on bail in the Rs 5,000 corruption case and many others also involved in corruption cases have come together on the same platform,” Modi said while addressing a rally at the historic Bali yatra in Cuttack on the occasion of four years of completion of his government. PM Modi had a dig at the opposition leaders who were at the swearing-in ceremony of H.D. Kumaraswamy as Chief Minister of Karnataka last week at Bengaluru .Four former Chief Ministers are behind the bars,” Modi said. The Prime Minister also said that this is a committed government instead of the confused government.”The way in which our government is committed against corruption, this has made the enemies good friends,” he said while recalling Netaji Subash Chandra Bose who was born and schooling in the ancient city.”The people of the country are watching them.” “These leaders have not come together for the country but they have come together to save themselves and their families.”He alleged that the opposition leaders want to destabilise the current government. “But people know everything,” Modi said.The President (Ram Nath Kovind), Vice President (M. Venkaiah Naidu) and the Pradhan Sewak (Prime Servant) of the country come from a very humble and poor background. “We have seen the days of poverty. And we were not born with silver spoons. In fact we did not see the spoon in our initial days,” Modi said, in an apparent jibe at Rahul Gandhi. The Prime Minister also said that in last four years, the investigating agencies have carried out searches at over 3,000 locations and unearthed over Rs 53,000 crore of the undisclosed money. Modi claimed that the government even seized properties over Rs 35,000 crore after the Benami Properties Bill was passed by the government.”It was the commitment of the government that passed the Benami Properties Bill, instead of the confused government which delayed it for over 30 years.” Development has become a vibrant mass movement and he will continue to serve the people as it is always “India First” for him.”On this day in 2014, we began our journey of working towards India’s transformation,” said Modi who took oath as the Prime Minister on May 26, 2014. “Over the last four years, development has become a vibrant mass movement, with every citizen feeling involved in India’s growth trajectory, 125 crore Indians are taking India to great heights!” Modi said in a series of tweets. In another tweet, he thanked the people and said: “I bow to my fellow citizens for their unwavering faith in our government.” “This support and affection is the biggest source of motivation and strength for the entire Government. We will continue to serve the people of India with the same vigour and dedication,” the Prime Minister said.(image from BJP Twitter)

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