Musings by Utpal Chatterjee

2020 HAS ROLLED IN ! Even as 2020 has rolled in, wishing a terrific year ahead is perfectly in order. More importantly, there must be peace at any cost. For, only when there is peace and stability, can the scope for so much of constructive thinking, planning and action be possible. Indeed, let there be peace in thought, word and deed. Here’s hoping this year will be refreshingly different from 2019. True, every year has its highs and lows. But the lows make the news for the wrong reasons.To cut a long story short,the world has seen too much of the scourge of terrorism and violence, even at the most unexpected of places. That cannot simply be wished away but must be wiped out for good. True, that is easier said than done.Is that hoping against hope? Perhaps.But, there are Nations living in hope. The crisis in the war torn the Middle East, that has seen a record number of casualties, must end sooner than later. The never ending civil war in Syria must be brought to a close. Russia and Turkey, among others,must ensure a permanent ceasefire. Refugees must be attended to in the manner suggested by the United Nations Secretary General. The European Union is looking for greater unity and undertanding or some countries may choose to opt out and fend for themselves. Britain is still trying hard to come to terms with Brexit and the pressure that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has to contend with is understandable.The United States of America has to be more unified and Americans must rise above themselves after the most controversial, contentious and, arguably, the nastiest of elections in 2016 threw up a Twitter happy and temperamental Donald Trump as the “victor”.Here is a President who loves the first person singular and is constantly experimenting with truth to the exasperation of many. The findings of the Mueller investigation into the dubious role of the Russians in 2016 Presidential ought to be considered in the upcoming Senate Impeachment Trial.By now, the Founding Fathers of the U.S.must be turning in their graves. Russia, led by the over-ambitious Vladimir Putin, has to get over its own problems.All the players concerned must question themselves what they are doing about the critical state of the environment. Climate change is here. The Paris Climate Control treaty must be adhered to at all costs. The U.S., under Trump, is not interested but other Nations, thankfully, are. The whole world, in fact, is left with a choice. To choose sanity over madness when it comes to deciding its priorities. Man can no longer afford to lose faith in man. Circumstances and consequences will force all warmongers to settle for lasting peace. That, in itself, will send everyone into raptures. What else does the world need as a guarantee for lasting happiness?

Utpal Chatterjee

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