NEED NOT worry during lockdown, says UTPAL Chatterjee, senior journalist

HOMEBOUND, SO MUCH TO DO! Confined to home for your own good in these hard times does not leave you in a state of helplessness. Time is precious, really precious, and one cannot afford to waste any of it. Some, understandably, cannot do without company or ‘friends’. But lockdown or no lockdown, there is so much choice at home. Catch up with the classics, time-tested or the relatively new ones like ‘Sophie’s World’ or ‘How to think against all odds’ or ‘Pablo Neruda in exile ‘that was later made into a wonderful film ‘Il Postino’. The list can go on. Or, at a gentle volume, listen to classical music. Western or Indian is your choice. But, even in these trying times, you may be hit by a spark of creativity and start with your memoirs or anything that hits your imagination. Rare have been days when you could find yourself for full-time company and now you have it. We have all been born to leave this world one day. But while here, let us be good, think good and act good. I wish you all success. (Utpal Chatterjee is ex-Kolkata Sheriff &  Deputy Editor,The Times of India)

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